Donate Your Time

We are always in need of new faces to volunteer at our center! We have fun working and improving others lives! Our center is open Monday through Thursday from 12pm to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm. No experience is necessary, you will receive all the training you need at our center. Our volunteers refurbish donated computers to get them ready for use by blind and low vision clients. This is a great experience to learn a bit about computers and how they work.

As a volunteer, you will be taught all the steps needed to set a computer up and get all the specialized software running for our clients.
The tasks may include:

  • Checking in/verifying donations to be built for clients
  • Maintaining/managing inventory
  • Wiping donated hard drives clean
  • Imaging hard drives with our customized setup
  • Cleaning the internals of the computer
  • Replacing the hard drive, memory and other internals of the computer
  • Setting up system options and software for the client
  • Repairing returned problem systems

Other Opportunities

Apart from working in our center, we also have other areas of need for volunteer service.
They include:

  • Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations and Communications backgrounds
  • Strong corporate Information Technology contacts
  • Experience in finding and working with donors to get equipment
  • Board Leadership in a Not-for-Profit environment

What to Do

If you are looking to volunteer to help build computers in our Refurbishing Center, we are located in Richardson, Texas:
1201 S Sherman St., Suite 204
Richardson, Texas 75081

Our hours are:
Monday through Thursday, 12pm to 5pm
Saturday, 9am to 1pm

If you volunteer with us, we ask that you come at least every other week. We spend some time teaching the build process and you will work alongside one of our seasoned volunteers to get started. We put in the time to teach you, so we want to see you often! When you arrive, look for Jennifer or Nathan to help you get started. Volunteering at our Center can also count for hours towards school or church programs!

Please fill out the form below before you come for the first time, so we are looking for you.

Let us know you want to help!

We will contact you back within a day or two with more information.

What days are you available?